H.R. of Bad Brains 500-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle Experience Bundle with Punkzles Crossbones Tee & Seeing Red Tote

Punk is more than just a sound. It’s a look. It’s a feeling. Stage dive into it with our complete Punkzles Drop #1 Bundle. With a t-shirt, tote and extra pin in addition to a 500-Piece Punkzles Puzzle Experience that celebrates Johnny Rotten, you’ll take that Punzkles attitude with you wherever you go.


  • Punkzles Puzzle Experience Drop #1: Johnny Rotten 500-piece, 16"x20" jigsaw puzzle, full-size 16"x20" poster with stories about John Lydon, a curated streaming playlist, conversation starters, plus Punkzles brand stickers, and our “Have A Punk Night In” 1” pin
  • Punkzles Crossbones Tee
  • Punkzles Seeing Red Tote Bag
  • Punkzles Crossbones 1” Pin
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