Collage of Johnny Rotten

Rotten’s personality gave the punk ethos a living, breathing, swearing form. Starting in 1975 he led the Sex Pistols to the top of the charts, drawing millions of people to crowded, dingy clubs to hear a voice they never heard before. And as soon as he’d launched punk, he changed the sound forever and then went on to become one of the most important figures in the post-punk era by launching the prolific group Public Image Ltd. (PiL).

We probably don’t need to explain anything else. Just look at the picture.

The Whole Rotten Experience

• 16”x20” Jigsaw Puzzle
• 16”x20” show poster
• John’s personally curated playlist
• The story of John’s life
• Lydon-approved discussion questions,
to be pondered while puzzling
• Punkzles brand stickers
• 1” Punkzles brand pin 
• Every sale supports MusiCares—providing a safety net of critical services to the music community