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The loudest, moshing-est, mic-throwing-est puzzles on Earth will be launching soon. The first puzzle drop and some badass merch are available to support on Kickstarter through Dec 14.

If you miss it don’t worry. Punkzles online store will be opening in this very space early in 2022!

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Punkzles are more than just puzzles. They’re experiences that bring us closer to the artists and sounds that have shaped our lives.

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PunkzlesPunkzlesIS THaT PUNk

Each Punkzles comes with:

  • “Liner notes” poster
  • Artist playlists
  • Conversation starter Q’s
  • Curated food & drink pairings
  • Punkzles sticker

When the sounds of bands like The Clash, Bad Brains and The Ramones hit our ears, it’s more than music. It’s an energy. It’s a way of looking at the world that’s always new. And it’s part of who you are. Punk is an experience that you always want to spend more time with. It’s also something that you want to share with others and help spread to new generations of music fans.

Punkzles is that punk experience in a box. When you do a puzzle, you’re focused. When building a Punkzles experience, you’re focused on something you love; something that shaped who you are. And it’s more than just putting together the pieces of iconic artists. Like classic vinyl records, Punkzles come with liner notes: a group of extras that immerse you in the scene you’re reconstructing. Inside the box you’ll find a poster, links to playlists that can take you on a sonic tour of the artist’s career, bios that give you insights into their lives, conversation starter questions, and a curated menu of food and drink pairings tailored to the artist, so that as you put together the scene that played out in the storied club you may have even witnessed firsthand, you’re reaching for the food or beverage that the artist used to inspire that set or perhaps even loves today.


And of course the first one belongs
to the godfather and king of punk, Johnny Rotten

Without The Sex Pistols, punk may not have taken the world by storm. And without John Joseph Lydon, also known as Johnny Rotten, The Sex Pistols would certainly have been different. That’s why we’re kicking off the Punkzles brand with the godfather and king of punk.

Rotten’s personality gave the punk ethos a living, breathing, swearing form. He came from the wrong neighborhood, couldn’t sing or play an instrument, and had something to say about everything and anything.

And starting in 1975 he led his band to the top of the charts, drawing fans to crowded, dingy clubs and selling over a million albums to hear a voice they never heard before. Though he only recorded one album with the Pistols before the band broke up in 1978, he changed the sound forever and then went on to become one of the most important figures in the post-punk era by launching the prolific group Public Image Ltd. (PiL).

But we don’t need to explain why
he’s our first Punkzles release.
Just look at his picture.